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Spanked hard for smoking.

I don’t know what all the guy’s that run Bad Tushy know. Maybe they know the theory of relativity. Maybe not. Maybe they know how to rebuild a motor. Maybe not. One thing I do know for sure is that they know  bad girls must be punished and the best way to punish them is with a good spanking. This new update shows exactly what happens when you get caught doing something you should’nt.


Carrie had been warned several times if she was caught smoking indoors where she worked she would be punished. When her supervisor caught her in the break room with a cigarette she decided to make an example out of her by paddling her bare ass. She took away the cigarette then grabbed Carrie and turned her over her knee. As she started Carrie laughed and thought it was a joke. When she peeled her pants and panties off and smacked her bare ass hard, Carrie knew she was in trouble.


This hardcore supervisor took all of her frustrations at work out on Carrie’s nice round ass. She spanked it hard, paddling her so powerfully that you could hear the smacks echoing down the halls of the entire business. Carrie was calling out with pain as the hand came down on her bare ass over and over again. She paddled her ass until it was red and there were a few welts crawling up on  her sweet cheeks. The spanking was so intense Carrie had to work standing up the rest of the day and she never smoked inside the room again. Check out Carries full punishment at Bad Tushy.

A hottie gets her bare ass belted.

The movies on Bad Tushy are probably one of the site’s best features. I love the fact that you can download them and watch them on your computer and enjoy them any time you want. For me that is a great feature and one of the reasons I continue to hit up the site (well, the spanking is hot too :)) This new belting movie update shows a bad girl getting her ass spanked hard with a leather belt. It is so hot I had to share a couple of clips with you.

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The basics of the story behind it are that Tiffany has a thing about being wasn’t messing around. She smacked her on the ass and Tiffany giggled because it tickled so the woman smacked harder and it stung, but felt very good.

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Tiffany lifted up her hips and let the woman take her pants and panties down and use the belt on her bare ass. She belted that ass hard, smacking it with a vengeance and making it sting with pleasure. Her ass was instantly pink, then as the woman belted harder Tiffany’s ass turned a dark red and soon Tiffany was squirming around, crying out in alternating screams of pleasure and pain as that belt rained blow and blow down on her bare ass. When she was done with the belting Tiffany had came twice, but her ass was so sore she could barely stand to pull her jeans up and sitting down would hurt for weeks. The whole movie of this spanking filled erotic encounter is online at Bad Tushy.


A hot girl gets spanked by an older babe.

I started my day out today checking out some of the newest updates over at Bad Tushy. They always seem to have fresh and inventive spanking scenes that really turn my crank and today did not disappoint. These new update features a hot younger girl getting her ass paddled by a horny older MILF. The pictures look really nice and the videos are amazing. The sound of her hand smacking that red ass is music to my ears.


The story behind the scene is that Lexi had always had a crush on the this hot older woman that lived next door to her. One afternoon she went over and the girls were hanging out talking. Lexi told this MILF that she had always fantasize about being spanked by her so the older woman told her to get over her knee and she would give her what she wanted. Lexi did as she was told. She loves being punished and loves the feel of a nice firm spanking.


As the MILF began paddling her it felt nice and Lexi began to moan with pleasure. Her hand hitting her ass really turned her on. The MILF was getting angry, she wanted some pain, not pleasure so she pulled Lexi’s jeans down and smacked her on her bare ass. Her had hit those sweet cheeks with a crack and instantly there was a red hand print on Lexi’s ass. She continued to spank, hitting her ass harder and harder still until Lexi was moaning and crying out in a fit of pleasure fueled pain.

Finally, with one final, very firm spank Lexi released and came as she lay across the MILF’s lap. The MILF stood her up and told Lexi she wasn’t done yet. Lexi had her fun, not the MILF was really going to punish her ass.

The babysitter gets spanked hard.

Bad Tushy seems to regularly find naughty girls that just can’t stay out of trouble…and I love them for it. I can’t get enough of seeing one hot girl spank another hot girl on her bare ass and these guys seem to specialize in finding tkcert.comjust that. One of their newest updates just rocked my world and I wanted to show you a couple of my favorite bare ass spanking pics from it.


This couple hired a babysitter to watch their kids and one night they came home and found her on the phone with her boyfriend playing with her pussy instead of doing her job. They decided she needed to be punished right there. A babysitter the threw her
1D0-51B over her knee, exposing her panties and making her squirm with anticipation.


The first spanks were on the skirt and panties, but when the babysitter only responded with moans of pleasure the mother got angry, yanked that skirt up and pulled her panties down to paddle that ass. She paddled the babysitter on the ass with authority, working her ass like it owed her money and making it turn red as the smacks from her hand hitting that bare ass rang throughout the house. The husband sat watching all, getting turned on and enjoying seeing this babysitter getting her ass hammered. Enjoy this wicked spanking in movie form at Bad Tushy.


Failing grades mean a paddled ass.

I hadn’t been inside Bad Tushy’s member’s area in a week or so because I had been kind of busy so when I logged in today I was very happy to see a fresh new, exclusive update. This is one of my favorite types of updates and it is something that Bad Tushy does very well. There is nothing like watching a bad school girl get her fine ass spanked because she is out of line. I thought it was hot enough that I should share some of the spanking movie clips with you.

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It appears that Lucy was failing her class and her teacher was not very happy. She decided the best course of action was some swift and then she was in for trouble. As she got to the teachers classroom she could see the paddle sitting on the desk and knew what was coming.

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The teacher bent her over and enjoyed the view of her sweet, tight ass in wrapped in pantyhose under that short skirt. The student thought the teacher would go easy, but when she bent her over the desk, lifted up her skirt and pounded her with that paddle she knew this teacher was all business. The paddle hurt as it hit her ass, but it also felt kind of good, she faked like she could hardly feel it so the teacher would hit harder and that is what she got. That teacher paddled her ass like there was no tomorrow, causing thumps and pops as the hard wood met those nice ass cheeks.

Hard spanking in jail

Sometimes Bad Tushy comes across something that they don’t always have on the site. I was pretty pumped up when I saw this new update featuring a hot girl getting her ass caned by a cop at a police station.  The female cop really seemed to be having a good time spanking that ass. Here is the update for your enjoyment.


This bad girl got caught driving under the influence. She was arrested and taken to the station where she was tossed in a holding cell. She called the arresting officer over and told her that she would do anything the office wanted if she could just go free without getting in trouble. After a minute of thought the office knew what she wanted. She took her out of the cell and felt her up, then got a nice stick from the closet and told her she was about to get a good caning.


She started off slowly, with some light taps, but when the prisoner didn’t respond she pulled her pants and panties down and spanked that ass hard. She belted away on her bare ass with that cane, turning it bright red and making the prisoner cry out with pleasure and pain. The prisoner bent over the desk as the officer caned her, hitting her bare ass over and over again and again until welts started to rise and the prisoner couldn’t stand so the officer laid her down on the table and continued to spank.


Bad Tushy delivers hard paddling pleasure

Bad Tushy brings you paddling, caning, spanking and ass play like you have never seen before. This is a site that doesn’t hold back. The boundaries of pleasure and pain meet at the intersection where a firm hand comes down on a bare ass and smacks it with authority. These bad girls must be taught a lesson and Bad Tushy is there to do it.


Featuring exclusive, high quality content with spanking movies and spanking pictures you will find hot, erotic and sexy action that is sure to take you to the limits of your desire. With bright red bare asses getting worked over this is a spanking fetish site that is sure to please even the most strict disciplinarian.


Bad Tushy is waiting, spank these girls now!

The bad student gets punished

Recently I have been spending a lot of time checking out Bad Tushy. It is a kick ass spanking site that I found that has some 70-285
1Z0-241 pretty damn hot, exclusive spanking content in it and I am really liking what I have seen. I thought I would share this update with you.


Claire had been slacking off in her classes and her teacher knew exactly how to take care of that and get her attention. She told her to stay after class one day and as soon as class was out the teach bent Claire over her desk and started pulling her pants down. Claire knew she was about to get paddled good.


The teacher often uses a belt or gives her bad students a caning, but this time she wanted to use her hand on that nice, smooth bare ass. She started by rubbing it then she slapped it a little bit and built up speed. Soon she was full on belting that ass, her hand making a smacking sound as it hit Claire’s soft ass. Anyone in that wing of the building could hear the pop of her hand on Claire’s exposed rear and the pop of skin on skin. As Claire moaned with pleasure as she got paddled, the teacher knew she was going to be a tough one to break so she would just have to spank harder.


A bad girl gets paddled hard

Bad Tushy is the kind of site that doesn’t pull any punches. They aren’t fucking around and bringing you that fake lightweight spanking action. These guys know a good ass paddling when they see it and they work hard to bring you just the best spanking pictures and movies. This update shows exactly what they are all about.


It seems that this bad girl knows the rules. She knows you can’t wear anything in class that advertises anything naughty. So when she showed up to class wearing a T-shirt that advertises a porn site her teacher told her stay after class. She knew she was going to get a good had ass paddling and in a way she was looking forward to it.


The teacher bent her over a knee and smacked that ass good. You could hear the pop of that ass clear down the hall as she paddled her hard and worked that ass over. This hard spanking hurt, but it turned this bad girl on as her cheeks started turning red. The teacher put her on her knees and really paddled that ass making it sting and hurt so good. Bad Tushy has the full update if you want to see it.