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Spanking movies of a girl with a round ass getting beat.

Bad Tushy brings the ass spanking heat with this new update featuring a sexy bitch getting her nice round ass paddled until it is nice and red. The ass spanking movies for this one are so hot they will have you ready to drop load on the first spank.

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She got in trouble at work and had the boss give her a choice. She could get fired or she could be punished. She took the punishment. He grabbed her and threw her over his lap and started his paddling wasn’t getting the desired effect he decided to kick it up and go bare ass on her.

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He pulled her skirt up, yanked her panties down and wailed away on her bare ass. She screamed with pleasure and pain as he spanked her ass until her skin was nice and red. She took the punishment like a champ and actually almost came from the mix of pleasure and pain. She might not walk right for a few days, but you can bet she won’t mess up at work again.


Spanking movies of a guy punishing his hot girlfriend with a spanking.

Bad Tushy has done it once again with an update that is hotter than fire. This new update features a guy coming home to find his girlfriend fooling around with another girl. He decides to punish her with a nice bare bottom spanking and really beats her ass red. The spanking movies of her getting disciplined is amazing.

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When he came home and saw his girlfriend and another girl in lingerie he thought maybe he was going to get lucky, but it turns out not so much. The girls started kissing and didn’t want him involved. Like the to punish his bad girlfriend. He put her over his knees and spanked her, but she didn’t respond so it was time to kick it up.

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He yanked her panties down and really started paddling her bare ass. Her hot friend sat and watched as she got her ass spanked so good her cheeks were bright red. It hurt, but she enjoyed it and wanted more. Seeing her enjoy it only made him spank her harder. When he was done her ass was so sore she could barely stand. You can bet she knows who’s in charge now!


Spanking movies of a girl getting sentenced to a hard spanking by a judge.

Bad Tushy got a new spanking movie update this week. They found a cute girl who got in trouble with the law and the judge gave her a choice. She could go to jail or she could get a nice hard spanking. She took the spanking and it is very hot.

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This chick got caught driving without any insurance or a drivers license. She went to court and the judge told her she could either serve 48 hours in jail or get a desk and pulled her pants down. She spanked her and loved the feel of her hand on the girl’s ass.

hard caning

When she saw that the girl was not responding to her hand she grabbed a small wooden rod, pulled the girl’s panties down and spanked her bare ass. She gave her a hard caning. The sound of the cane on her ass filling the chamber. The girl moaned and cried out in pleasure and pain as she got spanked hard. The judge left her with a red ass and a slight smile on her face.


Spanking movies of a guy paddling his girl’s ass.

Bad Tushy has struck once again. This new update has dominate guy paddling a hot girl’s bare ass until it is bright red. The spanking movies in the update are crystal clear and packed full of hardcore spanking fun. I had to share a couple of hot pics with you from the update because it is almost too hot to handle.

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He came home and found out he hadn’t done what he had told her to do so he told her that he was going to have to punish her. He turned her over his knee and started spanking her ass. She winced ambien efectiveness as he spanked her ass, but she wasn’t responding how he wanted so he yanked her jeans down and went to work on her bare ass.

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He paddled her bare ass making her scream with pleasure and pain and he was very happy to see her nice round ass turning red. The vicious spanking continued until she begged for forgiveness and agreed to submit to his will and do whatever he wanted. He gave her a couple more spanks and left her laying on the floor with an ass so sore she could barely walk.


Spanking movies of a girl getting paddled at school.

Bad Tushy knows when the girls have been bad and need to be punished. I love the site because they take these bad girls and spank their asses until they are red. They don’t hold back and stuff the site with spanking movies galore. This newest update on the site really is a winner and features an innocent coed getting the paddling of her life.

coed gets spanked

She had skipped a couple of classes and then caused some drama in the dorm so the dean called her to the office and told her she could choose her discipline. She could either get removed from the school for a month or get a paddling. She took the paddling. The teacher started off slow, just bending her over the desk and paddling through the jeans.

bare ass paddling

When she saw that wasn’t having the desired effect she pulled the girls jeans and panties down and paddled her bare ass. She gave her the spanking of her life, making her cry out with each whack and turning her sweet ass cheeks a nice shade of red. When she was done receiving her punishment the coed could barely walk. I doubt she will be causing any more drama anytime soon.


Spanking movies showing a dominate woman teaching her intern how to properly spank a chick.

Week in and week out Bad Tushy continues to bring the noise with world class updates that features some truly original and erotic spanking movies. This newest update is no exception and is so hot I had to show you some of the action from it.

One of the women in the office was acting up so the boss brought her into the office and told her intern to sit and watch as showed her exactly how you discipline an employee.

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She laid her across her lap and spanked her ass. When she didn’t respond the boss pulled her shorts and panties down and smacked her bare ass. Her hand popped on her smooth ass as and smacked hard and really paddled her.

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The employee was crying out with pleasure and pain as she got wailed on. The boss didn’t let until she was sure the intern had seen exactly what to do and how one woman should spank a woman.


The bad boss strikes again with some hot spanking movies.

Leave it to Bad Tushy to find the most badass dominate female boss in the country. They found her and they have featured again in one of their hot new updates. I need to get a job at her office so I can watch her in action in real life not just in her hot spanking movies.

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She had an employee who was taking long lunches then lying on her timecard about it. She got caught and pulled into the bosses office. The boss gave her the choice. She could either get fired, or let the boss spank her ass. She took the hard spanking.

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The boss put her over her lap and spanked her sweet bubble butt. When that wasn’t having the desired effect she bent her over the desk, yanked her slacks and panties down and went to work on her nice bare ass. She spanked her hard and fast, her hand smashing into those cheeks until they were bright red and the employee was crying out in pain. When she was finally done the boss told her that if she does it again, next time it will be a belting.


Ass paddling movies of a student getting disciplined

Bad Tushy has struck again, pardon the pun. This time they found some hot paddling movies featuring a sexy schoolgirl getting her nice round ass turned GMAT-Verbal a bright red as the hard paddle came crashing down in the hands of her teacher.

She had been caught passing notes in class and she knows better so the teacher held her after class. He offered her detention or a paddling and she took the paddling thinking it would be soft and easy.

bad schoolgirl anal

When he first bent her over the desk she was a little worried. As the paddle came down firmly on her ass she knew she was in deep trouble. He spanked her ass hard then laid her down on the desk, pulled her jeans and panties down and paddled her bare ass.

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The paddle made a slap as he spanked her ass and caused it turn bright red. He spanked her so hard she could feel blisters starting to rise on her ass as he wailed away on her.
6302.1 Hardcore schoolgirl paddling movies like this don’t come along very often.


She gets a bare ass belting at work.

Bad Tushy has stepped it up once again. These anal maniacs have started to find crazy chicks that hand out spankings at work and their newest update is packed full of spanking movies and spanking pictures. This one is so raw and hardcore I had to share it with you.

It seems this babe screwed up and lost a report at work. She knew she was going to be in trouble. She never imagined it would be like this.

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Her boss put her over her knee and she took off her belt and started giving her a solid belting right on her nice round ass.

bare ass belting

The anal pain was perfect, yet painful and the boss knew she had to make a point so she pulled the girl’s skirt up and pulled her panties down and gave her a flat out bare ass belting right there in the office. The sound of the belt hitting her bare ass rang throughout the entire office - each hit followed by a moan and scream of pleasure.


Stealing gets your ass paddled.

I got up this morning and decided to see if there was a new update on Bad Tushy. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that now only was there a new update, but the girl that gets spanked is hot, blond and has an ass that was made to get paddled. Here are a couple of pics for you that I took from the update. It is raw, wicked and well worth checking out.


Becky found out the hard way that stealing is bad. She was hired to clean house for this woman and the woman found out that Becky had stolen a few things from her. The woman didn’tC4090-451
1Y0-A17 call the cops, she decided her own punishment would suffice. Becky told her she would do anything to not get in trouble with the law so her boss laid her across her lap and started spanking. Her first few getting off easy.


As she built up speed the boss hit her stride and really wailed on Becky’s ass. It stung as she paddled her, but when her boss yanked her jeans and panties down and popped her right on the bare ass it really hurt. Becky cried out and her moans of pleasure and pain were music the bosses ear. She continued to paddle, the sound of her hand spanking that bare ass and the Becky’s cries and moans a symphony throughout the house. The boss spanked Becky until her ass was raw and red and she begged her to stop and promised she would never do it again. I think Beck learned her lesson the hard way and her sore ass will be a reminder for days to come. If Bad Tushy keeps the energy up on the updates like this, I will be continuing to visit them for the foreseeable future.