I got up this morning and decided to see if there was a new update on Bad Tushy. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that now only was there a new update, but the girl that gets spanked is hot, blond and has an ass that was made to get paddled. Here are a couple of pics for you that I took from the update. It is raw, wicked and well worth checking out.


Becky found out the hard way that stealing is bad. She was hired to clean house for this woman and the woman found out that Becky had stolen a few things from her. The woman didn’tC4090-451
1Y0-A17 call the cops, she decided her own punishment would suffice. Becky told her she would do anything to not get in trouble with the law so her boss laid her across her lap and started spanking. Her first few getting off easy.


As she built up speed the boss hit her stride and really wailed on Becky’s ass. It stung as she paddled her, but when her boss yanked her jeans and panties down and popped her right on the bare ass it really hurt. Becky cried out and her moans of pleasure and pain were music the bosses ear. She continued to paddle, the sound of her hand spanking that bare ass and the Becky’s cries and moans a symphony throughout the house. The boss spanked Becky until her ass was raw and red and she begged her to stop and promised she would never do it again. I think Beck learned her lesson the hard way and her sore ass will be a reminder for days to come. If Bad Tushy keeps the energy up on the updates like this, I will be continuing to visit them for the foreseeable future.