Special Xmas Spanking

In this new updated movie a  hot girl wanted to do a nice holiday spanking video for AAA  she dressed up her guy in a Santa sweater whether he liked it or not. She wore cute tight Grinch themed leggings & a tee shirt then more or less told John what was was happening. He wasn’t a fan of this holiday season and felt a little annoyed that he had to do this so he decided to enjoy the fact that Sarah was across his lap… asking him to spank her. How could anyone resist that offer?

This great quality  HD video features shows him shut her up and spanks his lady the way she wants it. See the fun and some spankings only he could get away with on her as she attempts to bring a little pervy Christmas cheer to all.


Spanking Santa

Merry Christmas & a very Happy Spanky New Year to you all!

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