Girl arrested for drinking in public gets a hard spanking in jail

Jessica got caught on the street with an open container of alcohol by the cops. She didn’t think she would actually get arrested. This new movie was filmed in an actual jail cell and the spanking is really hard core. has been mobile friendly and updated many of their shoots to really high quality spanking movies.

Very hard spanking in jail

They took her to prison so she could learn her lesson by spending a night in lock-up. Jessica didn’t want to stay in jail and  pleaded with the police to let her go home. The officer on duty didn’t really want to spend a whole night watching over her. The Good news was that she could leave without spending a night in the slammer, the bad news was that she’d have to endure a severe ass beating first. She brought her to her office and spanked her extremely hard over her knees. Her ass hurt for the rest of the week! Theresa got to go home early but she definitely slept on her stomach that night!

hard ass spanking

Watch how Jessica gets spanked over the knee so she doesn’t have to stay in jail over night! 

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