Tenant gets spanked over the knee by landlord

Badtushy.com is now fully mobile and updated to HD quality videos. The studio just released this hot scene. Mrs. Henry was tired of her tenant Jennifer never doing what she said she was going to do. First she said she would take out the trash, and keep the music down. Then she said she would pay her bills on time and has been late very months.


Girl bent over her knees in her pantyhose

Mrs. Henry has had it with Jennifer and she decided it was time to send her a clear message. As soon as Jennifer came home she grabbed her and forced her over her knee for a good hard spanking. Mrs. Henry pulled down Jennifer’s panties and began spanking her ass, making sure to leave the skin a deep, bright red. Her ass looked beaten after she was done. Jennifer is going to make sure she does everything she said from now on!

OTK hot spanking

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