Spanking movies of a guy punishing his hot girlfriend with a spanking.

Bad Tushy has done it once again with an update that is hotter than fire. This new update features a guy coming home to find his girlfriend fooling around with another girl. He decides to punish her with a nice bare bottom spanking and really beats her ass red. The spanking movies of her getting disciplined is amazing.


When he came home and saw his girlfriend and another girl in lingerie he thought maybe he was going to get lucky, but it turns out not so much. The girls started kissing and didn’t want him involved. Like the to punish his bad girlfriend. He put her over his knees and spanked her, but she didn’t respond so it was time to kick it up.

bare ass spanking

He yanked her panties down and really started paddling her bare ass. Her hot friend sat and watched as she got her ass spanked so good her cheeks were bright red. It hurt, but she enjoyed it and wanted more. Seeing her enjoy it only made him spank her harder. When he was done her ass was so sore she could barely stand. You can bet she knows who’s in charge now!


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