Spanking movies of a girl getting sentenced to a hard spanking by a judge.

Bad Tushy got a new spanking movie update this week. They found a cute girl who got in trouble with the law and the judge gave her a choice. She could go to jail or she could get a nice hard spanking. She took the spanking and it is very hot.


This chick got caught driving without any insurance or a drivers license. She went to court and the judge told her she could either serve 48 hours in jail or get a desk and pulled her pants down. She spanked her and loved the feel of her hand on the girl’s ass.

hard caning

When she saw that the girl was not responding to her hand she grabbed a small wooden rod, pulled the girl’s panties down and spanked her bare ass. She gave her a hard caning. The sound of the cane on her ass filling the chamber. The girl moaned and cried out in pleasure and pain as she got spanked hard. The judge left her with a red ass and a slight smile on her face.


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