Bad Tushy is the kind of site that doesn’t pull any punches. They aren’t fucking around and bringing you that fake lightweight spanking action. These guys know a good ass paddling when they see it and they work hard to bring you just the best spanking pictures and movies. This update shows exactly what they are all about.


It seems that this bad girl knows the rules. She knows you can’t wear anything in class that advertises anything naughty. So when she showed up to class wearing a T-shirt that advertises a porn site her teacher told her stay after class. She knew she was going to get a good had ass paddling and in a way she was looking forward to it.


The teacher bent her over a knee and smacked that ass good. You could hear the pop of that ass clear down the hall as she paddled her hard and worked that ass over. This hard spanking hurt, but it turned this bad girl on as her cheeks started turning red. The teacher put her on her knees and really paddled that ass making it sting and hurt so good. Bad Tushy has the full update if you want to see it.